How to Season a Wok Carbon Steel?

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to season your wok. You should do so to make the cooking surface non-stick and increase the flavor of the food you cook.

In addition, seasoning helps to protect the wok from rust. You can find several different ways to season your wok.

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How to Season a Wok Carbon Steel

Why Is Seasoning Important for a Wok Carbon Steel?

Seasoning your wok is an essential step to keep it free from rust and to give it a non-stick surface.

Seasoning also adds flavor to your dishes. First, wash your carbon steel wok thoroughly over high heat.

Next, use a light coating of oil to coat it. This will create a base layer of seasoning that will be built up over time.

Once the wok is clean, rinse it with hot water and use a soft sponge to scrub off any leftover food.

After this, dry it thoroughly with a paper towel. Once it is dry, season it again with oil.

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How Often Should I Season My Wok Carbon Steel?

When you purchase a carbon steel wok, the factory will coat it with an anti-rust coating to prevent rust. You can then season your wok at home or outside.

Seasoning outdoors is safer, but you should remember that the process creates a large amount of smoke. Regardless of your method, it is important to use your wok frequently.

When you season a carbon steel pan, choosing the right oil is important. The best oil to use is high-quality cooking oil.

You should avoid using diluted or filler oils. Ensure the oil is at least two percent of the total weight of the pan.

How to Season a Wok Carbon Steel?

Before you start cooking in your carbon steel wok, it’s important to season it properly.

Depending on your preference, you can do this by heating it in the oven or on the stovetop. Seasoning your wok correctly will prevent it from developing rust spots.

You should use a high smoke point oil when cooking in a seasoned wok. You can also use aluminum foil, dish soap, and paper towels to clean it.

Once you’ve preheated the wok, you can add oil. You’ll need a few tablespoons.

Use a paper towel or paintbrush to spread the oil over the pan. You can use any cooking utensil if you don’t have a paintbrush or paper towel.

Just remember only to use a small amount of oil, as too much can cause the wok to become sticky and charred. Here’s how to season a carbon steel wok:

01. Clean the Wok with Hot, Soapy Water

To clean a wok, first, rinse it in hot soapy water. It’s best to use lukewarm water.

Once the water is boiling, reduce the heat to medium and leave it there for 5 minutes.

02. Rinse Well with Cold Water

It’s important to rinse your carbon steel wok thoroughly with cold water before using seasoning. This step rinses away oil, fats, and other impurities. 

The wok can be seasoned before the food is placed inside.

Place the seasoning ingredients in a bowl and cover it with cold water. Use a rubber spatula to stir the seasoning ingredients and dissolve all the seasoning.

After all, the surface of a wok is most exposed to the heat of the oil and spices during cooking. 

03. Heat the Wok

Heating the carbon steel wok will help the wok become seasoned. You can heat the wok with the hot plate, oven, stovetop, or microwave.

Carbon steel is a harder metal that requires more heat than stainless steel to bring out the flavor of foods.

As a result, cooking with a wok requires a very hot temperature.

04. Add Some Oil

Carbon steel woks are typically seasoned by rubbing them with oil before use. However, vegetable oil does not adhere well to carbon steel.

Therefore, applying oil to carbon steel first ensures that the oil will adhere to the pan.

05. Cook for 5 Minutes

After adding oil to your carbon steel wok, it is important to heat it again for a few minutes.

If you are buying a new wok, take the time to heat it properly for five minutes before seasoning.

Also, take the time to season it for about two weeks after purchase.

06. Cool in a Towel

Using a wet towel to season a wok is a great way to keep it seasoned but still make it super easy to clean!

After seasoning the wok, rinse it off with hot water and immediately place it in a kitchen towel and fold it around the wok to help keep the seasoning on it.

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How to Care for a Wok of Carbon Steel?

Before using your carbon steel wok, it is important to season it properly. This process can be done in two different ways.

First, you should heat it over low to medium heat. Using high heat will result in unnecessary smoking.

Second, you should apply a thin layer of oil onto the wok’s surface. Then, use a metal spatula to move the oil around the surface of the wok.

Make sure to do this slowly and gently. You can use your bare hands if you do not have a spatula.

After cooking, the carbon steel wok should be rinsed thoroughly with hot water.

Next, use a soft sponge to scrub away any remaining food. After that, dry it completely. After this, lubricate the wok with oil.

Care Tips When Seasoning a Wok

The best way to maintain your wok’s seasoning is to follow a few simple steps.

Before using it, rinse it thoroughly under warm water and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Use a dish soap and water solution to scrub any food residue.

You can use a scouring pad to remove heavy, oily deposits. Make sure you scrub in a circular motion and scrape away any burned or crusty bits.

Don’t use hot soapy water, as this will strip the seasoning from your wok.

The seasoning process will make your wok a little darker. It will be greyish-black, with a faint smell of factory coating.

When complete, the wok should be ready for cooking.

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